Monday, November 26, 2012

BIRTH DAYS........

Today is my birthday.  I am never quite sure how to define this day.  We didn't celebrate birthdays growing up.  But everything tells me they are supposed to be a big deal, according to social norms.  

I like to consider every day a birthday/birth day.  Every day is a celebration of my being. Every day an opportunity to open my eyes to see the world in a new and different light.  Every day a desire to crawl out of my sheltered, comfortable self and expose myself to new ideas, new connections, new experiences.  Every day a time to celebrate and embrace who I am and who I am becoming.  

This year, as with all the others, I will be blessed with ripples and tides - the joys and challenges of life.  I will find adventures and surprises in the cracks and crevices, places that I didn't expect.  I will curse the passing of time, feeling like I never have enough hours, weeks, years to experience all that I wish to experience.  

And yet, I will end each day richer and with a heart more full than the day before, with all the many little miracles I get to be witness to and be a part of, in this simple and complex, mundane and exciting life of mine.  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Wake each morning with gratitude for all that is - the chance for another breath; another experience; the crossing of another's path; another day to practice living from the heart; another opportunity for growth and adventure.

As night falls, and the night skies are filled with wonder, count the blessings of one more day in this precious life. 

Happy Thanksgiving. 
Blessings and gratitude for all the many gifts I have received this day, and every day.  And all the many opportunities I get to pay forward all the gifts I have received.  


Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Reflections at the top of Shelving Rock Falls, Lake George, NY,  in the Adirondacks.

In search of magic. It was a day of chasing the light.   Closing in on the day, after hours of shooting, it happened.   Another miracle of Mother Nature.  We arrived in time to bear witness to the most breathtaking natural beauty. It was temporary.  It would fade with time.   As the light changed, so would this spectacular moment.  

Love at first sight! 

Friday, November 9, 2012


Adirondack morning.  Heavy rains fell the night before, helping to create a rich palette of color.   A collection of paintings, each one with its own story.


Neatly lined up in a row,  each one with its own unique colors and design.  All the same, but different.

Like a new box of crayons.   I can't help but smile and get excited to create something out of a bunch of the fantastically colored stems. Soon, they will lose their vibrance and become part of the landscape.   I want to be inspired by they sturdiness, their uniqueness in being the last flowers of the season.  Simple yet wonderfully filed with substance.

They make me want to jump up and down, dance in circles and sing loud notes.   They inspire me to take out a paint brush and start putting big, bright, bold strokes of color across the canvas.

Simple inspiration.