Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Life is short. I want to leave this world having ingested every little thing with passion, excitement and no regrets. I want to reach for the sky and feel the breath of life.  

Because I am curious by nature.  Because I am a Sagittarius and I like variety and tire of routine.  Because I like to keep things new and interesting.  Because I have an insatiable desire to learn and grow. Because the journey is more important than the destination.  Because I like adventure.  Because I learned at a young age to color outside the lines.  Because one idea leads to 100 more, and those 99 steps to the last were just about the learning, and less about the outcome. Because... because...because. 

For all these reasons,  I've been absent from my blog.  I know.  It doesn't bode well with blogging "etiquette."  But it wasn't intentional.  I got side-tracked.  I've been having fun and learning new things.  I've been adding to my repertoire of creative knowledge :)  

I've been experimenting and playing with some new ideas, new techniques, and new projects.  And just this week, I've begun to FINALLY enter into the world of surface design, combining many of my creative interests!!!  This has been a dream since I learned to sew and fell in love with fabric when I was 7.   

In keeping with the theme, I bought a new iphone app this week for taking photographs and started playing with it in the woods.  And as with most things, I see in colors, lines, shapes and forms, textures, and patterns.  I'm still learning all of the technical details of the program, but had a blast laying on the forest floor looking for interesting things to sketch for my surface design classroom assignment.  Many of these photos were not even in focus, because I was too busy moving from subject to subject, just trying to capture the essence of what I was seeing so I could later begin sketching out designs from that.  

Thirsty for more, drenched in wonder.  One destination becomes the beginning of a new adventure,  a quick stop along this continuous journey.  And so it goes.....