Thursday, January 3, 2013


 I wake early.

I yearn to hear the silence of my surroundings. 
the stillness around me sings sweet lullabies, 
forcing me to relax while the world around me wakens. 

in the quiet, I breathe life inside of me,
no two days are the same.

every morning is like waking up with a new pair of eyes, 
seeing all that surrounds me for the first time.

so many things I could do with my day, 
so many ways to live my life, 
this time right now. 

eyes wide open, 
the wonders of a new day,
miracles I am about to experience,
things I've yet to explore.
the vision of what I have am to find. 

every day is a new little life. 

a plethora of possibilities.