Friday, July 19, 2013


Collectors collect things.  
Particular types of things.
Identifiable objects and materials.
Hand held, visible things.

And then there are the collectors of intangible things.
Felt and experienced things.

stolen moments
perfect imperfection
things that tickle the senses
curious questions
acts of kindness
warm smiles
glimpses of things 

I am a collector of things.
We are all collectors of something,  anything and everything.

Mother Nature is a collector.

I admire and respect her ability as a collector.
She shares her collections openly and without shame. 
She doesn't pause to think twice about how or where her collections are displayed. 
She just collects.  

I breathe in the beauty of her collections.  
She creates and designs with them.

Things that captivate my attention.
Things that activate my senses. 
Things that trigger my imagination.
Things that make me smile. 
Things that dig deep into my soul. 
Things that make beautiful art. 
Things that are cause for pause and reflection.