Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I wake each day,  
open to unexpected possibilities.  
Patient to see what unfolds. 

It's March and there is no telling what the days might be like this time of year.  Dull, grey skies.  Changing temperatures.  And occasionally, a hint of sunshine.  

I start my hike, just like any other day, observing, 
waiting for something big, that "aaaaaah" moment, that one experience that grabs me and catches my breath.

I stand in the quiet and I wait.  And there it is. 
The big, bold beautiful brush strokes of color. It's as if I have been invited to the most magnificent art show. 
Canvas after canvas being created before me. 
Breathtaking watercolors.

And so it was, just another day, with that "aaaaah" moment, the one that catches my breath.