Saturday, April 28, 2012


Color on a cloudy day. 

Extraordinary in the ordinary.

Peace in the solitude. 

Pleasure in the simple and mundane. 

Beauty in ugliness. 

The gift that comes with the challenge. 

With feet on the ground, faces to the sky, may the spirit guide you to what lies beneath. 

Peace and joy on this last weekend of April. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Set your intention.  Clear the path.  Listen and really hear.  See with clear eyes.  Keep an open mind.  The   journey begins.

I've been overwhelmed with details.  Getting ready for my first big solo photo exhibit and opening reception, while also trying to get branding/marketing materials together, update my inventory, update my blog and put together web site ideas, engage in professional networking, and further developing creative ideas, oh yes, and doing photo shoots, while trying to keep clear about my intended goals.

A true test of practicing the art of "balance."  

I set my intention this year to finally take the leap and share my creative energy and products.  And, as I've been told, once I started, now there is no turning back.  One door opens another and another.  And many of those things I only dreamed of are now becoming real.

When I stepped into the idea of putting my work out into the world for others to see, experience, and enjoy, I had not really given a lot of thought about which photos and why.  I like variety.  I have a lot of different photographic interests.  I listen to my heart and I share what I like.

In hindsight, it only makes sense that my first big solo show would take me back to where I first started the very first time I shared my photographs with someone.  I had been taking photos for years, but  never shared them with anyone.  I secretly filed through my images from time to time, admiring my love for beauty in the simple things of everyday life.

As a kid I loved to color - big, bold, colorful designs.  I NEED color around me - in my work space, my living space, even in my dreams.  I have a place in my heart for black and white photographs, which is where I originally started my photography experience, but I will always need color.

"In Living Color" - an exhibit of bold, beautiful floral photographs.  And although I have since added other exciting photographic adventures to my portfolio, this is a piece of where I began.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


From here to there.

Chapter one:  a dream. 
Chapter two: a spark. 
Chapter three: curiosity.
Chapter four: playing with ideas. 
Chapter five: the journey begins. 
Chapter six: more excitement, more sparks, more play.
Chapter seven: flight into creative chaos.
Chapter eight: bumpy roads, detours and unplanned visits.
Chapter nine: how much longer to my destination?
Chapter ten: I arrive when I get there. 

The creative process.  Sometimes where we are headed is not where we end up.  The outcome is often not what was intended.  One idea sparks a hundred more.  And each of these becomes part of the journey, giving influence to how we evolve. 
The journey IS more important than the destination. 
The destination is just the beginning of the next journey.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


A day without chaos and distraction.
Simple, quiet moments.
A breath of fresh air.