Wednesday, August 29, 2012


She stepped out on the ledge. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.  Moving carefully, and intentionally,  so as not to make a mistake in her attempt to make it from where she started to where she was going.  One wrong move and she risked falling from the ledge.

She stopped and stood, somewhere in the middle, unsure of herself.  Looking for a sign, something to give her peace of mind that whichever way she turned, there would be something in the end waiting for her.

Looking first one way, then the other.  Each direction posing different challenges.  Each requiring some risk, most of which could not be predicted.   Movement into unknown places, unsure of what she might find.  Observing, listening for anything that might present obstacles along the way.

What if she were to step just right, lose her balance and fall?  Which way was best?  How could she move forward without knowing what lies ahead? Which direction would give her the most reward for her efforts? Which place would she feel most at ease, happy to have arrived?

Could she attempt to find her center, balance herself where she has landed, or would she always be curious about what she might be missing in either direction? 

But then she remembered.  She had come from one of those places. Her walk had originated from one end of the ledge.  She began this journey looking for new adventures, new beginnings, new perspectives.  It made sense now.  She had to keep moving forward.  In order to know what was possible, she had to make herself vulnerable and take risks, aware of a familiar place she was leaving behind, and unsure of what she might find in the end.

It's all about choice and embracing that which we choose.  We must lose something in order to gain something.  Close one door and open another.  Or stay in a place of complacency and indecisiveness and risk losing it all.  

It's all about the process, the journey, the lessons learned along the way.  It's about never really knowing what might have been missed and being okay with that.  It's all about taking risks, inviting challenges and meeting them, and in doing so, conquering the ledge, knowing that if we are to fall, we can always climb back up and start where we left off again, with new perspectives, new questions, new learnings.  

Monday, August 27, 2012


Parts and pieces.  Pieces and parts.  Each with its own design and function.  An assortment of interesting, intriguing, colorful puzzle pieces, formed and brought together to create a work of art.  The things that make you uniquely you, and me uniquely me.  There is no one else exactly like us on this earth.
Collectively, a beautiful medley,
all part of a greater mosaic masterpiece.              

Friday, August 17, 2012


It's one or the other.
It's this or that.
It's right or wrong.
It's good or bad. 
It's black or white.

We like things in neatly packaged boxes, organized and categorized, filed in places that are easily recognizable.  It gives us a feeling of security and control.  It helps us make sense of the world.  If only life were this simple and clean. 

Change and growth,
Beauty and balance,

These things happen somewhere in between, 
somewhere in the shades of gray.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


The slow, insidious change of lighting.
It is taking a bit longer for the morning skies to brighten, and the night time sky appears a little earlier each day.
Changing cloud formations. Each season has its own.
Temperatures shifts to warmer days and cool evenings with a chill in the air. 
A transformation of colors from explosive vibrant gem colors to more muted earth tones.
Deafening night time sounds - crickets and secedes harmonizing beautiful instrumental music. 
A burst of color and energy just before everything slows down for winter's hibernation. 

Earth's life cycle,
A season of change. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BIG LOVE..........


there is much to be learned in the growing pains of transition.
deep love requires this of us.  
to learn patience, have flexibility, and be open to the ripples of change that come.
love grows in direct proportion to how much we open ourselves up to the beauty of the experience.
from bud to blossom    ........................................

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It started slowly.  A faint whisper.  She noticed for a quick moment, then pushed it aside.  She had heard these sounds before - quiet stirring brushing against her insides.

Insidious but persistent, the whisper. Now something of a daily occurrence, creeping in at seemingly random times.   The swelling inside her heart came unannounced, and very unexpected.

An unearthing of something, felt deep within her soul.

In time, she embraced this feeling of an ever-growing presence with a curiosity, an excitement and some fear of what she might find.

The debris was lifted, and the day came when she could no longer hide.  It's presence was visible, even to her. No more quiet whispers.

It was a new feeling, this taking up space, making herself known to the world.

Big, bright, bold and beautiful as a shimmering star in a midnight blue sky.

She has arrived.