Sunday, November 28, 2010


I promised myself that this would be a year of creative change - a year to finally be sharing my work with the rest of the world.   I've been taking pictures since I was 14.  Thank you Mrs. Bilbo, my 9th grade art teacher, for putting a 35mm Minolta in my hands and telling me to "just start snapping pictures."  She is also the one to introduce me to clay.  Little did I know that photography and working in clay would become two of my passions.

Technology challenges me.  Putting together a web site and a blog have put me to the test.  I am feeling a little sheepish about this process, but it's good for me.

I love to take pictures. My camera travels with me everywhere.  As a psychotherapist, I decided to start using photography as part of the therapeutic process with some of my clients.  I told them to "just starting snapping".  Incredible things happen when one takes the time to slow down and notice the world around them.  I have been inspired by the work of my clients.  It has inspired me to finally be doing more of my own work and sharing it with others as part of my own creative process.

I hope you enjoy my work.  Let it be inspiration for you to slow down and take notice of the world around you.  There is beauty everywhere. Take a camera, take notice, and just start snapping!

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