Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I have a love/hate relationship with time.  I dislike how quickly it goes. So to sit and write about the passing of another year and the onset of one more, makes me  a little unsettled.  I don't do New Year's resolutions.  What I do instead is to think in themes, about things I'd like to work on.  But I do this in November, on my birthday.    Truth is, every year will bring me many blessings and an equal amount of challenges.  And even in the challenges, there will be blessings.  And what I do know to be true is that every year seems to get better.  This last year was no exception.

Honestly, turning 50 this year did take on a little more meaning for me, so maybe I took a bit more time in thinking about my "themes" and goals for myself.  And it seems to be on-going, as never before.  I wake up each day with gratitude for another chance to experience a day of blessing and beauty, and wish to embrace every minute.

This year, in addition to the many other things I will work on,   I would like to take more creative risks and trust myself more in that arena. The words that visit me on a regular basis these days are -  "unabashed, whole-hearted, and authentic expression of self."    I will take more risks in sharing my authentic, creative expression of self through my work with others.   Trusting my instinct and believing in myself are the challenges, but don't feel insurmountable.  Just challenging.
I wish to reflect what I see in the ordinary, simplicity, the complexity, and the natural beauty around me through my photography and my art.  In sharing my interpretation and expression of these things, I hope to inspire others to find creative ways to express one's authentic self. 

Starting my blog is my first attempt at all of this.  It's like my practice run.  Sharing some of my pics.  Writing a little about the experience.  It provides me with a little accountability to keep forging ahead. 

One of the areas of focus for my photography will be pet photography.  My love of dogs is obvious.  Wow, it's a bit more challenging than I thought.  Dogs love the camera or they hate it.  Izze always hears my zoom focusing so she tends to move away from it.  George is a ham.  He can strike a pose like no other.  And then there are the dogs that never slow down long enough to get anything more than a blue across my viewfinder. 

 Here are a few random shots taken over Christmas break that will eventually be posted on my website.  We had 5 dogs together for a week  - two yellow labs George & Izze, two golden retrievers - Doc & Grady, and little Auggie, the black Cocker Spaniel in a sea of blondes.   What a gang!


  1. The golden snuggle butts on the golden sofa are killing me! What fun puppy pics, Diane. Love seeing your beautiful work! --Amanda

  2. These are gorgeous photos, Dianne! I love the one with just the eyes ... so expressive!