Thursday, March 1, 2012


"Just Do It!"  What an ingenious idea Nike had when they created that slogan.

This is a year of creative sparks and roaring fires. I am pushing out of my comfort zone and into places that beg for more time, more attention, and more of my authentic self.  It's a time of change and transition - out of the places that hold me back and keep me from growing, and into places that nourish my spirit and my soul. Moving into the places that feel more like "home." 

Every day I am reminded that I must keep adding substance to the burning embers in order to keep the fire roaring. And each time I add something new, a million sparks fly, adding more beauty, more excitement for what is to come.

This month I entered my first juried photo exhibit and had one of my two photographs accepted.   I  took a risk and sent in images from my "love of all things old" file.  Moved away from my florals and macro work and decided to play around with some of my other images.  It worked! I am doing my first large solo exhibit " In Living Color" coming up in May, and have arranged more solo exhibits of my work over the course of this next year.  Putting together marketing materials is exciting and scary and fun all bound together.  Making myself more visible.  Taking risks and following my heart's true calling.

 First a step, then a series of steps and eventually a steady run toward "home".  

Very excited to be watching the sparks fly!!!


  1. Wonderful old trucks. My dad had several old Chevrolet's that remind me so much of your images. Thanks for a nice reminder of an important man in my life and a time slowing fading away.

  2. WOW...congratulations!! Such exciting news..and inspiring to see where it is you're going with your art!