Sunday, April 15, 2012


From here to there.

Chapter one:  a dream. 
Chapter two: a spark. 
Chapter three: curiosity.
Chapter four: playing with ideas. 
Chapter five: the journey begins. 
Chapter six: more excitement, more sparks, more play.
Chapter seven: flight into creative chaos.
Chapter eight: bumpy roads, detours and unplanned visits.
Chapter nine: how much longer to my destination?
Chapter ten: I arrive when I get there. 

The creative process.  Sometimes where we are headed is not where we end up.  The outcome is often not what was intended.  One idea sparks a hundred more.  And each of these becomes part of the journey, giving influence to how we evolve. 
The journey IS more important than the destination. 
The destination is just the beginning of the next journey.


  1. Diane - I very much like this particular grouping of your photos. I have a collection of sea shells in a bowl next to my computer which I contemplate when problem solving. The tactile senstation in captured in your images.

  2. Love how you've divided the process of 'creating' into these chapters. So perfect! the images!