Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It started out just an ordinary day.  An early sunrise, a pastel painting in the sky. Birds waking, one by one, giving music to the start of a new day.  Bluebirds darting in and out of their new nesting place, transporting food for their young.   Chipmunks peeking their tiny little heads out from behind the tree trunks, darting across the lawn as if playing hide and seek with their friends. The trees, now lush and green.  Flower buds of all kinds had burst open overnight, like a child with unabashed excitement.  The crisp air gently brushed against my skin.  Dogs sleeping quietly at my feet.   

It was just an ordinary day.  I woke at my usual time and headed to the front porch with a fresh cup of coffee, steam rising from my cup.  I sat and closed my eyes, breathing quietly into the new day.  

Around me, all around me - LIFE.  Big, bold, colorful, beautiful, extraordinary life.

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