Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It started slowly.  A faint whisper.  She noticed for a quick moment, then pushed it aside.  She had heard these sounds before - quiet stirring brushing against her insides.

Insidious but persistent, the whisper. Now something of a daily occurrence, creeping in at seemingly random times.   The swelling inside her heart came unannounced, and very unexpected.

An unearthing of something, felt deep within her soul.

In time, she embraced this feeling of an ever-growing presence with a curiosity, an excitement and some fear of what she might find.

The debris was lifted, and the day came when she could no longer hide.  It's presence was visible, even to her. No more quiet whispers.

It was a new feeling, this taking up space, making herself known to the world.

Big, bright, bold and beautiful as a shimmering star in a midnight blue sky.

She has arrived.

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  1. This is - all of it - absolutely beautiful! I'm not sure which I love more - your words or your images!!!