Sunday, May 29, 2011

quite simply......

I'm working hard on trying to simplify my life.  Getting rid of the "clutter" - material things, emotional clutter, and things that just take up unnecessary room in my space.   Trying to figure out what's important,  paying attention to little things and not sweating the small stuff.  And slowing down - taking notice, being more aware of the simple acts and objects of beauty around me.  And sometimes, being a part of those simple acts.

I've been a little flustered with my creative endeavors lately.    But still, each day, every day, I try to find one small thing that tickles my eye or brings some inspiration to my creative bones.  And today, it was the quiet and humble beauty of some wild phlox along the roadside.   Tomorrow will bring some new adventure, another eye tickler or growth opportunity for the creative process.

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