Friday, July 1, 2011

Beautiful Bubbles... Captivating Colors...Tantalizing Textures

Last night's sunset was a sky full of watercolors!  A quiet night, still air and brush strokes in shades of pinks and reds and blues and purples across the sky.  It eventually faded to a deep midnight blue and stars galore!  I am forever amazed at the sensational slideshow that takes place right before my eyes every morning and every night, as time changes, the earth moves and the sky changes from daylight to nighttime.   Delightful.   

Because I had so much fun in the Plantations last weekend, I decided to head back early this morning before the dew dried off the plants to see if I could play around some more.  I am back in my "themes" mode.  And today it was all about colors and textures.  Explosive!!  It's the only word I can use to describe all that was in front of me.  Explosive colors and amazing textures everywhere!  As if it's not enough to just capture the images on film, another part of my brain couldn't help but think about how to capture some of the lines and forms in clay as well.  

I love being an early riser.  It was so quiet and peaceful, the birds just waking up around me as I set up my tripod from place to place.  What a simply beautiful way to start my day and my weekend.   A little slice of heaven.  


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