Sunday, August 14, 2011

HAPPY DAYS..........

I've been struggling all day to figure out what pics to post, what to write about because I did promise myself that I would do a weekly Sunday post when I started this venture.  Just to keep myself accountable and motivated to keep moving forward.

Truth is, I haven't been taking many photos in the last two weeks. Not that I haven't thought about it.  My wheels are always turning.  I am thinking about some inspirational Fall projects that will motivate me to try some new things with my photography.  But for the last few weeks, my life has been incredibly FULL - with many other things.  

As a matter of fact, I've commented more than once about feeling like I might have a moment of spontaneous combustion. My heart has felt very LARGE!  I am so very full - of joy and gratitude.  There is just too much to write about.  And the only word that comes to me is HAPPY.  My heart is full and I am happy.  And for that, and for all the reasons I am that, I am grateful.

So in going through all of my albums, I  randomly chose a few pics that just make me happy.  I hope that in sharing them, I can spread a little sunshine and a little happiness.


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  1. Stunning images!! Such a happy..colorful summer collection. So glad to have found your site!!