Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Have you ever seen a smile so bright it lights up an entire room?  Have you ever seen a smile that would just wipe the frown off anyone's face?  Have you ever seen a smile that sits just right, even when you know that someone is in pain?  Have you ever noticed how smiles just make you feel rays of golden sunshine, warming your insides?  Have you ever noticed how smiles are universal?  Have you ever noticed how a smile can sometimes be the only, and the most beautiful form of communication between two people?  Have you ever noticed that you feels better when you smile?  Have you ever noticed how smiles breed smiles?  Have you ever noticed how a smile just lifts your spirit when nothing else can?

I can't help but smile when I see a field of sunflowers.  It's like a golden shower of a million smiles gently placed in some wide open space.   I always imagine what people are thinking and feeling as they walk or drive by these fields.  I can't help myself.  I have to stop and soak it all in.  There is no way you can witness the birthing of a field of smiles and not feel good.   It's one of those moments when you can't help but be thankful for the gifts of Mother Nature.

Every year, I drive by this field once a week, and I wait.......patiently, for the arrival of "the land of a million golden smiles."  Today, I stopped to take pictures and the two farmers who planted the field snuck up from behind, approached me and were ready for an altercation.  They thought I was "stealing" their sunflowers.  When they saw my face and camera in hand, we exchanged smiles and I shared with them how much I appreciated having this experience to look forward to every year.  "I'm not stealing your sunflowers,"  I said.  "I'm stealing a big heap of sunshine and a whole lotta smiles to take home with me."  They grinned and replied "take as many as you'd like ma'am" and walked away.


  1. Bold, vibrant shots...and I agree...I cannot pass sunflowers without smiling...there is something so open and joyful about them. Little wonder Van Gogh chose them as a subject!

  2. Hi Diane,
    Stopping in from the e-course. What wonderful sunflower photos, so beautiful and happy. You got so many great shots of them. Great work.