Sunday, September 4, 2011


Two of the greatest joys in life are children and pets.  The innocence and unabashed curiosity, playfulness and laughter of a child.  The unconditional love of pets.  I can think of nothing that brings me back to reality, puts things in perspective, takes away my angst about the little things that bother me in life,  than being in the presence of both.

Tomorrow I get to do a photo shoot with 2 year old twins.  I am already smiling about the thought of being in the presence of two little beings, in a natural environment just doing what they do without any thought to what others are thinking.   It is such a sweet experience when I can hide in the background with my camera  and just capture the beauty of a moment that can never be re-created, to be able to provide a memory that can be cherished for many years to come for the family, and a series of moments that bring me the most incredible joy.

These are a few of my favorite shots from very early on.  Some of the pics are not that sophisticated and the quality not so good, as they were done in film and then reproduced from paper copies.  But I love the emotion they evoke and the sheer spontaneity.

 They always make me smile.  Kids just being kids.  Puppies just being puppies.  And me just watching with admiration and awe at their utter joy for life.

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  1. i am glad to have discovered you on v&v which led me to your blog. lovely....and as you say, "expressive" work...great way to start my day.