Saturday, April 9, 2011

Signs of Spring

It's been some time since I've posted.  Been very busy with other projects - pottery, lots and lots of pottery. And some jewelry pieces with my photography.  I can't wait to get them finished and posted.  They will be for sale as soon as I have enough inventory.  Keep your eyes peeled!   And working on a whole new look to my blog!!  I've been hibernating in between snow and rain clouds, but creative juices have been flowing indoors.

 I'm just getting back to shooting pics and was out for a long walk and found some very beautiful signs of Spring.  The Skunk Cabbage plants caught my eye immediately along the water.  They look like little beautifully colored sculptures, which I will try to replicate in clay, and some even more miniature versions in my jewelry pieces.   And I almost passed by the flowers that stood only about 3" high and were buried in the leaf piles.  At first glance they looked like weeds, until I stepped closer only to see that there were beautiful blooms opening with beautiful color, both in the flower and the leaves!

It is so refreshing to be out smelling the fresh air and breathing in the colors, the smells, and the beautiful, natural forms and textures of nature!

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  1. Absolutely exquisitely captured signs of first spring!!! Can't wait to see the other works you have in progress!!!