Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thanking Mother Nature

Sunshine!  Mother Nature finally delivered a little bit of sunshine here today.  The day started out with a lot of very thick fog and heavy air.  By mid-morning, it was warm and humid, but there was sunshine!   I've been watching the trees on campus outside my window getting ready to do their Spring thing.  Every year, I'm too late with my camera.  The trees bloom with prolific color and it seems like within a few short days, they quickly lose all the petals, ready for the leaves to sprout  Thank goodness I had my camera with me at work today.   I was able to sneak outside and snap some shots of these gorgeous blossoms before the clouds rolled in and the thundershowers began.   They are short lasting, as is Spring, but fortunately, I was able to capture the beauty of these luscious floral bouquets.

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