Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Carl Heilman is an Adirondack photographer that has been teaching and sharing his love of the outdoors for many years.  I've now had the pleasure of joining him twice for outdoor adventures with my camera.  
This weekend, we ventured into the Lake Brant region.  The temperatures were frigid, with high winds, almost to the point of unbearable. Ok, so maybe I wasn't completely dressed for the occasion, and I was just coming off being sick for a week, which didn't help. 
In any case, the time in the outdoors was beautiful, inspiring, and left me, as usual, wanting more. 

I didn't get as many amazing shots as I would have liked.  My fingers were numb from the cold. And dancing behind the camera to keep my toes from freezing, didn't bode well for "in focus" shots, even with my remote. 
Despite the lack of images I was able to collect, 
 I was able to just "be" with mother nature once again, awe struck at the formations of ice, the "golden hour" mountains draped in purple, and quite simply, the gratitude of being blessed with such incredible beauty right before my eyes. 


  1. Exquisitely beautiful ice formations. And that sky - it just takes my breath away!