Saturday, February 9, 2013


The burst of a new year, 
the bustling of activity,
out with the old, in with the new.

I sit and ponder,
ideas, projects, goals and aspirations for this 2013 chapter.

I wallow in the meanderings of my creative energy,
planting many different types of seedlings in the rich soil of my space.
Waiting patiently to see which of them make their way through the earth. 

Some seedlings will have more potency than others, planting themselves deeply with untethered roots. 
Some will die out. 
Others will continue to grow and develop into something more interesting and captivating,
reaching into my spirit and grabbing ahold of my attention, with a demand for more nourishment and nurturance.

Some will just be sprouts for another layer of seedlings for the future. 
Growth comes from the most unexpected places. 
Inspiration comes with the process of growth. 

As most people are already living out their goals for the new year, I am in the midst of planting, watering and nourishing my fertile field, 
waiting and watching for new growth,
 deciding which of my creative seedlings will become new projects for 2013. 
 Already I can see some of those that are going to take me in new directions, 
demand more food from the soul, 
and become a thing of beauty. 

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