Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sometimes....It helps to remember that there is more way than one to do something. 

Sometimes....I have to nudge myself to remain curious, to ask questions, to explore. 

Sometimes....I need to "de-clutter" to make room for new ideas, new experiences.  

Sometimes....I have to remember to walk tall, engage with my surroundings, 
breathe deep and make room for more of everything.

Sometimes....It is challenging to live bravely and with intention in all that I do.  

Sometimes.... I believe that anything is possible. 

Sometimes....I must remove facades, masks, and expectations.

Always, it's important for me to remain OPEN.


  1. Beautiful words, Diane, and what a stunning image! I've been browsing your blog, and you know how to capture essence, through your words and your photos...
    Lovely to meet you through Practise as Creative Muse :)

    1. Thank you Yvonne Looking forward to sharing creative space with you