Thursday, February 14, 2013


It's Valentine's Day. 
Expressions of love all packed into one day. 

I am not one for commercialism.  As a matter of fact, I rebel against it.  Candy coated hearts, a dozen roses, a box of expensive chocolates - all lovely, heart-felt gestures, but don't seem to really define love as I see it. 

There is the deep love of "other". And sometimes the hardest, is self-love.  To welcome, embrace, and celebrate the good, the bad, and the ugly within.  To find love, compassion, and joy in one another and in ourselves, in spite of our flaws, our mistakes, and our failures. 
To notice, to express, to share the simple gestures of love that we are granted each and every day, often in the most unexpected places, and in the most unsuspecting ways.
To feel the swelling in one's heart when these gifts are given, granted, and received. 
To love unconditionally 
This is love. 

May your day be filled with all the many little gifts of love.

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