Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Life is a series of contradictions.    Live every day as if it were your last.  Slow down and smell the roses.  Stay connected to others, but remember to take time for yourself. Be selfless, not selfish.   Do for others, but not to the point of losing your self in the process. Make yourself a priority, but not at the expense of others.  Be strong and independent, but learn how to ask for help.   Work hard, but not so hard that you forget to play.  Exercise to stay fit, but too much is unhealthy.   This list goes on.........

The balancing act is a continual one.  One which requires adjustments and fine tuning in my thinking and my doing.  But at the foundation of it all, it is my intuition which I try to remember to listen to, even when the commotion and noise on the outside is louder than my own voice.

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