Monday, June 6, 2011

Moments like these.....

Regularly, I find myself thinking "it's moments like this"........ .   Gratitude, joy, happiness for all that is.  Despite all of life's many challenges, there are so many moments in a day that I can reflect and be thankful for the simple pleasures that bring me peace and serenity.

Tonight I was out with Izze for a walk in the Plantations.  One of my favorite places year round.  Every walk is a new exploration.  And with camera in hand, I am never at a loss for things to capture.  Tonight I was in my own personal aromatherapy session.  Phlox, the subtle smell of irises, sweet honeysuckle, and peonies (one of my very favorites).  An olfactory sensation.  And in the background, a melody of early evening birds as the sun began to fade, and the sound of water washing against the rocks from across the way.

When I am able to slow my feet and quiet my mind, I experience all that is moments like these.  Small, simple pleasures that make life feel big and beautiful!

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