Friday, June 17, 2011

Look who's getting married!

Thank you Jessi & Lizzy for asking me to take your engagement photos.  And thank you Lizzy for your patience.  I swear it wasn't my fault that things were postponed!   The ring had not yet arrived, as you now know.

What Lizzy didn't know was that Jessi was about to propose to her on this same day.  She thought we were just doing photos for their engagement.  The anticipation was great.  And then the date got pushed back because the ring was not yet in.  When it finally arrived, Jessi asked me to hang onto the ring for several days prior to this event.  Whoa!  Such pressure!  I had nightmares of my house being broken into, or somehow losing it, even though it never left the location I put it in.    I think I checked the jewelry box 15 times to be sure it was still there.  I was also afraid I'd forget it the day of the photo shoot. And then there was the little trick of figuring out how to get it into Jessi's hands on the day of the photo shoot without Lizzy knowing what was going on.  I was terrified that I would drop it down in between the wooden slats on the bridge into the running water.  Yikes!

But it call came together nicely.   You two were troopers playing in the ice cold water, doing things I don't think you intended to do for the shoot. :)   Thank you so much for allowing me to share in this very special day.  

And I hope that the pics will allow you to remember it over and over again like it was yesterday.  

Jessi couldn't help herself with this one!  I mean, really.  Who else will ever have a pic like this in their engagement album?

Attempts at making a human heart!

A practice run at carrying Jessi over the threshold.

 Here it is!!!

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